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FREE unbiased and confidential support for unplanned pregnancy, post abortion and pregnancy loss.

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We try to be as flexible as possible
with appointments in Folkestone and Ashford, face to face or telephone / video call.



Who we are:


Options began in 1997. It was born out of the vision of people whose hearts were touched by women and girls experiencing the emotional trauma of an unplanned pregnancy. They were aware that all too often abortion is offered as the only viable way out of such a dilemma, and that the decision was often made without awareness of various options available towards making an informed decision.


All our volunteer practitioners have completed specialist counselling courses and have carried out an enhanced DBS check. A full confidentiality policy is also operated. Our team of practitioners help clients to feel relaxed and cared for when they visit our Centre.

We are GDPR compliant and volunteer practitioners receive monthly supervision.

What we do:

Options is a FREE counselling service for women experiencing unplanned pregnancy or post abortion trauma.

Options Folkestone doesn’t just offer advice regarding unplanned pregnancy. It also provides post-abortion counselling, and ongoing support to those facing up to the pain of miscarriage, stillbirth or therapeutic abortion for fetal abnormality.


Aware that men can also be deeply affected by these decisions, our Options Folkestone staff can also make the services mentioned above available to men.

To check out our full range of services at Options Folkestone please see above.

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